Business Coaching

As companies function in a fast paced ever changing environment often key stakeholders need coaching, guidance and support as they evolve within the challenging environment.  We at Glocal Marketing work with you and your team to create customized sessions that help them learn, gain insight and successfully evolve as company experts.

We provide business coaching expertise in the following areas:

  • Effective Leadership Styles

  • Problem Solving

  • Performance Improvement

  • Organizational Development and Skill

  • Business coaching in how to develop business and marketing plans

  • Change Management

  • Goal Setting




Consulting Services

Glocal Marketing consultants are quick to ramp up, assess all the contributing factors, engage appropriate stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive plan that a company then implement and track towards success. We work as a partner who may contribute initially on a short term bases but support as an extension of your team on a long term basis.

We provide the following areas of consulting services:

  • Business Consulting

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Analytical Consulting

  • Technology Consulting